Who wouldn't get to like magnets with which they can make a different story every day, express the mood and feelings, tell some message, or just to distinguish?

We do!
That's why we've created a series of ROFL magnets of different shapes and sizes, from which you can definitely collect some to create your own stories. And since everything is being created in a creative agency, there will be added new ones often, which you sure will be pleased with and able to develop your own stories to perfection.

ROFL magnets are suitable for any metallic material - a refrigerator, a board or a mailbox - but the most "cool" will be on your car, which can be originally different every day and unforgettable in the city.

Unleash your fantasy and have fun with us :) Because you've discovered the magnets that make up your day.

ROFL magnets operated by gooseberry, s. r. o.

company registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I., Section: Sro, Insert No .: 60284 / B
person in charge: Marek Dvorský, info@roflmagnets.com


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+421 905 484 035 (working days, 10:00 - 17:00)


gooseberry, s. r. o.
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